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Hand and Foot therapy

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The Jessica nail treatment system

Jessica manicures are prescriptive treatments for your nail type. Following Jessica’s nail-care methods, your nails are guaranteed to improve. Manicures and pedicures suitable for men (we generally buff the nails rather than apply polish).

The Jessica manicure  
An excellent treatment therapy, we recommend a full programme to encourage healthy nail growth.
45 minutes    
The Jessica deluxe manicure
Includes hand exfoliation and heated Jessica mittens.
1 hour    
The Jessica pedicure  
Combines aromatherapy with plant extracts for luxurious foot care. Please remember open-toed shoes.      
45 minutes    
The Jessica deluxe pedicure  
Super-moisturising treatment incorporating heated booties.    
1 hour  
File and revarnish  
(hands only)  
(hands only)  
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