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Relaxation therapies

Aromatherapy massage
Relax, de-stress and soothe aching muscles with this wonderful treatment using blended essential oils to restore and rebalance body and mind. Massage aids the elimination of toxins, helps lymph drainage and the breakdown of cellulite.
Full body massage
1 hour
Deluxe half-body massage
Includes back, neck and shoulders and choice of scalp, or arms or legs.



45 minutes  
Back, neck and shoulders massage
30 minutes  
Anti-stress and body detox
This is the ultimate deep relaxing treatment. You will experience elements of shiatsu, reflexology and specific massage techniques that work with the energy found within the body's own chakras and meridians. Any emotional or physical tension will be eased and harmony restored to the spirit and mind.
1 hour 45 minutes  
Revitalising body bliss
Relax and enjoy this fabulous treatment. Your skin will feel revitalised. you will be wrapped in generous amounts of warm, creamy spa marine mud and then enjoy a holistic massage designed to calm and soothe the mind.
1 hour 45 minutes  
Body shaping and inch loss
These treatments will visibily improve the skin's appearance and promote a harmonious natural balance of body, mind and well-being.
Enriched smoothing wrap
This treatment will help release your body from irritating lumps, bumps and cellulite. A rich marine wrap is followed by a massage with marine svelte oil. A course is recommended ideally before a holiday or as part of slimming regime.
1 hour 45 minutes  
The lighter legs experience
If you suffer from tired, heavy legs, this can help to improve circulation and reduce fluid retention. Warm and cool products are applied during massage and a marine wrap will re-awaken tired legs. A course is recommended, especially during pregnancy.
1 hour  
Universal Contour Wrap Classic
This superb body wrap guarantees lasting inch loss. Elasticated bandages soaked in a warm sea-clay solution contour the body, lifting flabby buttocks and breasts and flattening the abdomen. The average client can expect to lose between 10 and 14 inches overall with their first treatment. A course of three will generally give an overall loss of about 25 inches and will bring our female clients down a dress size without them losing a pound in weight!
2 hours 30 minutes  
Full body wrap  
Course of three  
G5 mechanical massage
This is ideal to assist the breakdown of hard fat and cellulite
30 minutes  
Course of ten treatments  
Arasys inch-loss system
One 17-minute inch-loss session is equivalent to 300 sit-ups and 400 buttock raises. Experience the difference with this unique treatment.
30 minutes  
Course of ten  

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